Apple tests prototypes of the foldable iPhone by 2022

The foldable iPhone has passed the concept phase and Apple is already testing several prototypes internally, according to the Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News, citing sources in the supply chain.

Apple does not escape the trends of the industry. It has innovated like few others in the smart mobile sector, but it has also been “inspired” like the rest when a trend has appeared on the horizon in search of novelties that encourage sales. We have seen it when it comes to increasing the screen size of its terminals, accelerating the arrival of 5G or marketing “mini” versions to lower prices.

Now it is about taking a step further because we are talking about smartphones with different form factors to the design that precisely dominates the industry and that Apple itself imposed with the first iPhone. The idea of ​​the Cupertino firm when it comes later than the competition to any novelty in technology is known: others have done it first, but we will do it better.

Foldable iPhone in 2022?

Rumors of this type of terminal began to emerge in 2017 and shortly after the existence of a iPhone patent folding and / or with double screen. It was published on the United States Patent and Trademark website, USPTO. The publication date did not appear to be a coincidence, as it came three days before Samsung introduced the first big folding of this generation: the first Galaxy Fold.

The images and information shown in the patent suggested that the foldable iPhone was very “green.” Apple hadn’t selected the final design, but it covered just about every possibility in form factors: shell type; with two or three screens; with inward or outward bending, and with both interior and exterior device displays.

Everything indicates that Apple has come a long way in the last three years and from China (where all iPhones are assembled) comes new information that points to a launch in September 2022. The Cupertino firm would have gone from the concept phase to the prototype phase and would already be testing several designs prepared by Foxconn.

The tests are focusing on the hinge and the screen, key points in these folding that have given problems to other manufacturers in the first commercial versions. Apple wants a device that can support 100,000 folded / unfolded and also aims to determine the type of screen to use, OLED or micro-LED.

Informal information like everything that comes from Apple, but of interest for the opening of new form factors that offer designs different from the one widely used in the industry. It is not possible to know what the first foldable iPhone will look like, but from what we know so far think of the Galaxy Z Flip, the Motorola Razr or Microsoft’s Surface Duo.