Apple reduces the App Store commission to 15% in certain circumstances

For a long time the commission that Apple takes for in-app purchases and subscriptions is in question. Major companies like Spotify or Epic have complained, even the latter took its threat to the maximum and its popular game Fortnite was banned from the App Store. We are now awaiting trial.

App StoreThe iOS App Store

The commission that Apple applies in its store is 30%, a commission similar to that of most software stores on other platforms. The same one that Google has in the Android app store, Sony in the PlayStation, Nintendo or Microsoft store.

Apple defends this rate since is what makes the App Store to continue working, and it also means a good income figure. However, now the company has announced that it will cut this commission in half. Of course, for Apple to only take 15% you must meet some important characteristics.

App Store Small Business Program

Apple wants small developers and companies that publish on the App Store to be able to grow and generate more revenue, so they will reduce the commission to 15%.

“Since the launch of the App Store, small businesses have been its driving spirit. Now more than ever, these companies are critical to the communities they serve, helping people stay healthy, connected and learning. Apple today introduces the App Store Small Business program, a new fee structure to support small and individual developers and spur innovation for the next chapter of applications.

App Store Small Business ProgramApple’s new program for small developers

All those developers with less than $ 1 million a year are eligible for this new program. Keep in mind that it is a million dollars after Apple takes its commission.

Many developers have shown their optimism before this measure, announcing that this will help them improve their applications.

The new App Store program will greatly help our App Store purchase revenue, and we look forward to leveraging the additional revenue we earn to help improve the app.

A good initiative from Apple that can make the business of these small developers grow rapidly by seeing increased profits. Until now, Apple had been sticking to the 30% commission on App Store purchases, we’ll see if it’s a step toward another change.