During yesterday’s keynote, Apple continued with its plan to make all its operations carbon neutral by 2030. This involves adopting a series of additional measures, among which the company highlighted the removal of the power adapter from the Apple Watch.

No carbon footprint in 2030: goodbye to the power adapter

Apple watch series 6

The Apple Watch is the first device to do without the wall charger in its box. A look at the Apple website reveals that the Apple Watch Series 6 lacks the adapter, having only the device, charging cable and strap in the box. But it is not reduced to this model, but the rest of the watches for sale do not include it either.

Except for the Hermès and Edition collections, which do include the power adapter. They are models that surely have testimonial sales and its impact is minimal, but it is still striking that they still include it. In any case, the idea of ​​the company is to reduce its impact on the environment.

All of our offices, factories and stores run on 100% renewable energy. We’re also proud to have cut our carbon footprint by 35% since 2015. And you may have heard that we want to take our environmental commitment further by starting with a promise: By 2030, Apple will be 100% carbon neutral to our end- footprint. to-end.

This new commitment includes the assembly line and apple products. In addition to energy, the company looks in the materials used in their products. And among these efforts is where they frame the elimination of the power adapter.

A step prior to removing the adapter on the iPhone

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

For several months there has been speculation about the disappearance of this power adapter from the iPhone box. Now, we can confirm that this accessory is considered expendable in the Apple Watch box. Their sacrifice would be aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, although the savings in components and logistics (smaller and lighter product boxes) are not negligible.

However, on the iPhone the company would go further. The removal of the power adapter would be accompanied by headphones also included in the box, according to some analysts. And that would leave only the Lightning charging cable. That said, it’s not the first time Apple has removed something from a product box. With the first-generation iPhone, its users found included in the box the dock that allowed to load it vertical position. The following year, Apple removed it from the package. And it made some sense not just from a cost savings point of view but also from the redundancy it produced.

Apple includes the withdrawal of the adapter within its plan to reduce its carbon footprint to zero by 2030

The dock is not a consumable accessory that from time to time requires changing due to wear and tear. Whoever had it in the first generation, could use it in the following as long as it was compatible. That means that whoever renewed from time to time, he would have accumulated several in his house. Something similar happens with the wall adapter: whoever has had several iPhone or Apple Watch, will already have one at home. And if not, you can buy it from Apple or any other site.

This is how the spheres and straps are compatible with previous generations of the Apple Watch Series 6

The company could be convinced that a majority of users already have the accessory. And those who use wired headphones would be following the same path, with the addition of the popularization of wireless headphones. The timing of this decision points to the incorporation of 5G, the higher cost, in addition to the company’s environmental commitments.

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