Apple Pay arrives in Mexico and these are the banks that are part of the initiative

At last we have before us in Mexico the new Apple Pay service, and if you are interested in knowing which banks are participating, here we tell you.

Apple Pay is a new payment service that has just arrived in Mexico and it is thanks to that that many doubts have arisen with it, especially those that are related to the banks that can be part of this Apple service. So next we will tell you which are part of this initiative and which will be in the future as well, so that you know exactly what to expect in the future.

Those that are confirmed so far

Obviously, since it is a new service in Mexico, the number of banks that are available at the moment are limited, but that does not mean that they are not large banks, Well, within them we have three of the most important in the Mexican territory.

The banks that are currently within Apple Pay in Mexico are the following:

American express

So if you already have a card from one of these banks, you can start using this service as soon as you want. But now we have to see the banks that will come to this app in the future.

Those who soon arrive

Being that Apple is not just anything, we have before us a service of which many want to be part And although not all of them managed to be within this service since its launch, more banks will arrive shortly.

For now We only know that it will be Inbursa with its Master Card cards that may be part of Apple Pay. So expect more news on this shortly.

On the other hand, the shops and services that will use this form of payment are the following:

Dominos Pizza
Xcaret Group
Hotel Tonight
PF Changs The Cheesecake Factory
Seven eleven

Without a doubt it is an interesting offer but that it can grow even more. You have to follow the trail from now on.