Apple patents cooling iPhone case

The Apple patents They confirm that in theory at least, their devices can improve in ways we never imagined. But without a doubt, one of the last documents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is something that most have long wanted.

Apple holster patentCooled iPhone case. Courtesy Patentlyapple

According to information shared from patentlyapple there is a new patent with the title “Apple Wins Patent for Future iPhone Smartwatch Cases and Straps Using Quantum Tunnel Material”.

The same search regulate the temperature of the iPhone, a characteristic that is inevitably altered, taking into account the requirement of the same.

Apple has designed the best case for the iPhone.

The cover shown in the document will help keep the iPhone cooler internally and externally. The accessory could be made of silicone, rubber, plastic, metal or a composite structure surrounding one or more sides of the iPhone contains a means of detecting when the case is attached to the mobile.

After detecting the case, the iPhone should respond by activating the operating parameters including a thermal threshold associated with a temperature sensor included in the portable electronic device.

As you can see in the image below, the patent illustrates a protective case for an iPhone that includes a thermal insert that is capable of acting as a heat sink and / or a heat spreader, as well as a heat conductive structure in contact with one or more surfaces of the housing.

Apple patentCooling Case Patent for iPhone

While it is true that patents do not always end up materializing or at least not as quickly as they are registered, it is likely that this is a change that we can see in the medium term and that would undoubtedly be a great success for Apple.