Apple patents a case to increase the performance of the iPhone

Apple has patented a case that unlocks the full potential of a device, such as an iPhone. When placing the case on the phone, this would enable a high performance mode thanks to heat dissipation which causes a carcass.

Since a case can protect the user from the high temperature generated by a smartphone, Apple came up with the idea of ​​developing a case that allows to increase the performance of the iPhone if he is wearing the cover. We do not know if this idea, despite being curious, will finally be manufactured, but it has gone through the previous step: Apple has already patented it.

More power thanks to the case dissipates heat

Sheath operation diagram

Apple’s patent was registered in the United States and was granted on November 17, 2020. It specifies a very specific operation: two operating states for the electronic device that equips the case. In the first, said device would have an optimized performance so that its temperature does not exceed what is tolerable by the user; with the second state, and after detecting the cover, the electronic device would unleash its full potential since the casing would allow to attenuate the temperature.

The patent offers a quite logical operation since a case allows a smartphone to be held more comfortably while its potential is being used with games with high graphic load, for example. And that’s what Apple could take advantage of with the case: sustain longer gaming sessions thanks to heat dissipation.

According to Apple’s patent, the electronic device (probably an iPhone) could detect the presence of the case thanks to magnets placed in the case, detection using an NFC chip would also be possible (Apple only talks about ‘signal’). When the case is put on, and after the device ensures that it is correct, it would enter a higher state of performance to unlock the full potential of the hardware.

We do not know if it will finally be manufactured, but it would not be strange. And it would have implications that go beyond the safe use of the iPhone: perhaps the user can only use their smartphone at full power, and for a longer time, if money is spent on the purchase of a cooling sleeve.

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Apple patents a case to increase the performance of the iPhone