The company of the bitten apple prepares a curious case that is capable of changing shape, do not miss it.

Apple works on the presentation of the new iPhone 12, which should take place soon. However, the Cupertino company also has other projects on its hands, and now it has come to light that it has patented a case that detects when the mobile is falling and changes shape.

The company with the bitten apple recently held its keynote in which it presented new products, such as the AiPad Air 4, but it is expected that it will make more announcements in the coming days. Of course, there are still some projects that the company must finish, as reflected a US patent.

Back and cameras of iPhone 11.

From Apple Insider they have shared that Apple has filed a patent for a case for future mobile phones that can detect a fall and alter its properties to offer better protection. At the moment it is only a patent, so it may not see the light or it will, even with a different design.

A case that changes shape and hardens to protect your iPhone from a drop

This is the Apple patent for the shape-shifting case.

Apple is working on a case for future smartphones that changes its shape when the phone is dropped, thus hardening its protection so that it does not suffer damage. For this, the patent reflects that this cover will use “active electromechanical materials for the protection of portable electronic devices ”, with which to detect a fall and actively alter its characteristics.

“When active electromechanical material is exposed to external stimuli (eg electric field, magnetic field, etc.), then active electromechanical material is activated. Subsequently, the stiffness or viscosity of the active electromechanical material is altered ”, it can be read in the patent document.

Therefore, when a fall is detected, it is sent an electric current to harden the wetting material. The higher the drop, the stiffer the material becomes, providing enough cushioning to absorb impact and thus protect iPhone so you do not suffer damage.

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