Although the current iPhone – within which the iPhone 7 and later are included – are certified to get wet and to resist dust, but with a lot of fine print, in addition to not being able to actually be used in water. Its certification allows us to never worry about rain and other common situations where the phone can get wet, but we cannot swim, bathe with them or cause them to suffer a severe water fall. Now, Apple might be thinking, finally, to take the step and create the first fully aquatic iPhone.

That is, at least, what a new patent published by Apple suggests – patent number 20200104021 – where A system that would allow Apple phones to operate under sufficient pressure is detailed like to bathe with the smartphone. In reality, the physical system that would be used to protect its internal components is not shown, but the interface that iOS would adopt to be used underwater is shown.

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An iPhone with an interface ready to be used underwater

The iPhone and iPad operating system would potentially detect that the device is underwater and, then, it would change its graphical interface to a simpler one.

“The current methods for displaying User interfaces while an electronic device is underwater are outdated, time consuming, and inefficient. For example, some existing methods use complex and time-consuming user interfaces, which may include multiple keystrokes or keystrokes, and may include strange user interfaces, ”explains the patent.

So what Apple is trying to do is simplify the operating system to make using it underwater a pleasant experience, and not as it is currently – if you have, you will have discovered that it is an unpleasant sensation when trying to use the regular interface – so that the user does not have to be struggling with the screen to get open applications or take pictures.

And this could be the reason, in fact, why Apple had not released a fully aquatic phone until now: it would be developing a specific system, not wanting to launch a water phone whose operating system can hardly be used comfortably. Or it may also be that until now he did not enter his plans. And it doesn’t have to be, either: The fact that this patent has been published doesn’t indicate anything, only that the company wants to protect its research.

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At the same time, a different patent – patent number 20200104033 – has also been filed that Describes a system by which iOS would use the user’s eyes to detect the real orientation of the phone. This would fix common situations in which we are lying in bed using the mobile with automatic rotation activated: iOS would wrongly detect that we have rotated the orientation and change the screen.

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