Apple officially opens Find My to third-party accessories

Manzana has officially opened its network Find My to third party accessories. Through a statement announces the update of the app, allowing developers and manufacturers to use its capabilities, maintaining privacy and security in the process. This would be the prelude to the launch of the AirTags.

The first developers to start using the network Find My will be Belkin, Chipolo and VanMoof starting next week. But Apple is incentivizing any accessory maker to integrate the service and allow users to locate objects from within the app.

Find My It is the service and the app through which the location of any Apple device can be obtained. From a Macbook up to a iPhone, passing by iPads and even AirPods.

The first third-party products to be supported by the network of Find My from Manzana it will be the bicycles S3 and X3 from VanMoof, the headphones Soundform Freedom from Belkin and the Chipolo One Spot —Available from June.

The latter, in fact, are small circular-shaped labels that would compete with the rumored ones. AirTags that have not been released yet, but would have exactly the same functionality.

This will be the label “Works with Apple Find My”

Any manufacturer can activate Find My support on their products

Manufacturers and developers can apply to use the Find My network through the program Made for iPhone (MFI). Everyone will need to adhere to a number of important rules about user privacy protections in order to be accepted.

Those companies that have accessories and products approved to use it will be able to display a “Works with Apple Find My” label to indicate their native support for the new feature. Also, as part of this opening initiative, Manzana has announced that it will release support for ultrawideband technology on Apple devices with the chip U1 so that any manufacturer can take advantage of it.

The opening of the network Find My seems to be one more sign of the imminent departure of the AirTags. Small labels that you can deposit anywhere – inside a backpack, for example, or as a key ring. In this way, any object can be located from the Search app, which is available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The rumor of the existence of the AirTags It has been around for years. From the discovery of the accessory not yet released in the beta of a future operating system for the iPhone, to its accidental appearance in the Search app.