Apple Music HiFi is coming … and also to Android

In recent hours a rumor has circulated that Apple Music HiFi and future Apple AirPods 3 could see the light as soon as next week. I admit that it catches my attention, if we consider that only a little more than three weeks separate us from WWDC 2021, an ideal time to carry out these launches. Obviously we will remain very attentive and, if confirmed, we will inform you promptly of it.

Now, whether in a few days or a few weeks, it is clear that Apple every day gives more weight to everything related to music. This is not new, it is actually a path that was opened, more than 15 years ago, with the iPod + iTunes combo, and since then it has evolved with new services, such as being able to upload your music collection to the cloud and Apple Music, and movements that represented an important change in online music distribution such as iTunes +, which demonstrated to the music industry that DRM penalized sales and did not stop piracy.

We have recently started hearing about Apple Music HiFi, the Cupertino response to Spotify HiFi, and if the rumors and leaks are confirmed could maintain the current price of the service adding this new quality option. It seems like a very risky move, but if confirmed, Apple Music HiFi would become the cheapest hi-fi music streaming service on the market. And yes, it sounds strange that Apple is the cheapest option, but facing Spotify it could be a most effective blow.

Normally, when Spotify makes a big announcement, from this moment until the presentation materializes, it can take a long time, and this is what we are currently experiencing with Spotify HiFi, perhaps because the company is convinced that the scope of Apple Music HiFi will be limited… but it’s not going to be like that. And it is that according to 9to5Google account, Apple would already be preparing the Apple Music client for Android to offer the option of music with high fidelity.

This has been discovered when analyzing the beta version of the 3.6.0 of the Apple Music client for Android, and it is that reviewing its code, warnings have been found about the consumption of data and storage of Apple Music HiFi, called generically at least for the moment as music without loss. This is the found text:

Lossless audio files retain all the details of the original file. If this option is activated, much more data will be consumed.

Lossless audio files will use much more space on your device. 10 GB of space could store approximately – 3,000 songs in high quality – 1,000 songs with lossless – 200 songs with hi-res lossless

Lossless streaming will consume much more data. A 3 minute song will spend approximately:
– 1.5 MB with high efficiency – 6 MB with high quality at 256 kbps
– 36 MB lossless 24-bit / 48 kHz
– 145MB with 24-bit / 192kHz lossless hi-res

Compatibility varies and is dependent on song availability, network conditions, and the capacity of the connected headphones or speakers.

In addition to Apple Music HiFi, references to Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos would also have been found, although it will be necessary to see if these reach the final version of the client. Be that as it may, and since this is expected to also make its way to the iPhone running iOS 14.6, everything indicates that the launch of Apple Music HiFi is already very close. However, I find it strange that it is a matter of days. It suits me more that I do it hand in hand with iOS 14.6, which could be the last major update of iOS 14 and that, I go back to what I said at the beginning, it fits me like a glove with WWDC 2021.

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