Apple filed a lawsuit against an app for allegedly inflicting trademark copyright

The action has rekindled conflicts involving technology for its dominance of certain markets

For some specialists these actions go against the principles of any brand

It is indisputable that Manzana, as a company and as a brand it has an important weight at a global level. In this regard, it is enough to remember that its brand heat is greater than 140 billion dollars according to Brand Finance, and that of its market capitalization is greater than 1.88 billion dollars, in the NASDAQ index of the New York Stock Exchange. .

These are two indicators that reflect the success of a brand, and in the case of Cupertino’s, they are the product of the combination of its products and what the brand represents in the consumer, not for nothing is it considered one of the most beloved , according to the Brand Intimacy Study 2020 prepared by MBLM, which places it only behind Amazon and Disney.

A mistake that can be expensive?

However, a recent action by Apple is seen by some specialists as a mistake that could impact its brand. This is due to the lawsuit filed in Canada against the app Prepare, by allegedly inflicting trademark copyright.

At least that is how Jason Aten, a technology specialist in a text for Inc., considers it, in which he points out that the firm has worked for many years to build its brand based on its logo, as well as its brand loyalty, but this could be ruined by the strategy you’ve been pursuing lately.

In his arguments, he points out that Apple has been more concerned with « Protect your empire even when it conflicts with your brand », than for really adding value. Cite as example the controversy that arose due to its policies in the App Store, indicated by various companies as advantageous.

Therefore, the analyst points out that Apple « has done what no brand should do: betray the very values ​​that made people love it in the first place. »

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The arguments of the lawsuit

According to the document presented to the court – published on the internet – by the American technology company, it considers that consumers can confuse the Prepear logo (a pear), with theirs, the iconic bitten apple.

Moreover, he points out that the services offered by the Canadian app for preparing meals and organizing recipes, also enter an expansion market in which it works, such as health, and, therefore, can lead to confusion “or assume that it is associated with Apple ”, something that in various reports has been indicated as unlikely.

The controversial lawsuit has generated a controversial environment around Apple that, although it is not alien to it, it is not frequent that it gets involved in situations of this type. It has also served to revive the conflicts that arose around its App Store.

A conflict that can get bigger

We must remember that last June Epic games, owners of Fortnite, together with Match Group, owners of Tinder, and Spotify, They showed their displeasure at Apple for the practices and commissions it applies in its application store, classified as anti-competitive.

The situation that at the time led to Netflix to remove their application from the App Store and the Play Store, have regained strength in recent days, this after it became known that Microsoft, Facebook and Google They accused Apple of denying consumers access to video games in the cloud, due to the ban imposed by Cupertino in its store on the services that the other three technologies seek to launch.

All in combination can create a bad image and affect Apple’s reputation, something that has the potential to affect the brand’s business. In this regard, it is worth noting that after the lawsuit released on Sunday, the shares of the firm led by Tim Cook have registered negative numbers on Monday and Tuesday, only this day registers a loss close to 3 percent.