Apple just released the Golden Master version of the iOS and iPadOS 14 beta. In addition, Apple has also released the GM of watchOS 7 and tvOS 14. These versions, which arrive relatively late compared to previous years, are the final version candidates that we will soon be able to install on our devices.

Golden Master, the prelude to the final version


It’s clear that Apple’s changes to the beta development and testing system have paid off. Getting off to an excellent start, the iOS / iPadOS 14 betas have been some of the most stable we’ve seen in recent years. Both on iOS, iPadOS and macOS as well as on watchOS or tvOS the stability has been formidable and the errors, although there have been them, have been rather aesthetic and few.

As it is a Golden Master version, that is, the one that will arrive in the form of a final version if there is no last minute touch-up, we hardly expect any news. What we do hope is that the general stability of the system, as well as some visual aspects, will improve on all compatible devices.

It should be remembered that, although we can install these versions by following the steps that we exposed at the beginning of the beta cycle and although this GM is the candidate for the final version this is still a development version that may contain bugs.

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Already within the beta cycle, we will find the update in the Settings app as an OTA update. During the first hours, Apple’s servers can receive more demand than usual, so the waiting time can be extended. In Applesfera we are already updating our devices and we will update the article if news appears.

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