Apple launches iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

(CNN Spanish) – As revealed in the leak that took place in Apple’s official guide on iTunes, the much thinner iPad 2 Air and iPad mini 3 with cameras and fingerprint readers were finally revealed.

Tim Cook, CEO of the company, took the stage to present the new tablets and, in addition, gave a series of surprising data: 225 million iPads sold (winning in sales to Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo) and 675 thousand of applications available.

The new iPad Air 2 is just 6.1mm wide, making it 18% thinner than the previous version and also the thinnest tablet in the world.

Another of the great problems of tablets, the reflection, was significantly reduced. The new model reflects 56% less and has a new processor, the A8X. The processor has second generation 64-bit technology, 3 billion transistors, a 40% faster CPU and a 2.5 times faster video card than its predecessor.

The iPad Air 2 has 10 hours of battery life and a new 8-megapixel iSight camera that manages to record video at 1080p. You can also take 43 megapixel panoramic shots and make slow motion videos. This camera changes the rules of the game, since previously taking pictures with the iPad was not recommended. That will change remarkably.

The device has a new FaceTime HD camera, another sensor, it allows to capture 81% more light, improved face detection, take photos in HDR and also HDR videos.

It also improved the speed of the WiFi connection and allows transfers of up to 866Mbps.

As the rumor indicated, it has TouchID, which is the fingerprint reader, which looks the same as it does on the iPhone, which until now was the only device from the company that had it. You can make online purchases with the sensor, but not with Apple Pay.

Another of the great details that Apple improved is that it has an even sharper Retina screen since it was assembled with another system.

Pricing will be $ 499 for 16GB, $ 599 for 64GB, $ 699 for 128GB for WiFi-only versions, and it will come in gray, white, and gold.

The price will be US $ 629 for 16GB, US $ 729 for 64GB, US $ 829 for 128GB for the versions with only WiFi and cellular connection and will come in gray, white and gold.

iPad mini 3

The new iPad mini 3, which spent very little time on stage, has a 7.9-inch screen, a 5-megapixel iSight camera that can also record at 1080p, and an upgraded FaceTime HD camera.

The same process was used to enhance the Retina display, it comes in the same colors as the iPad Air 2 and will cost: $ 249 for the 16GB version, $ 299 for the 64GB version, and $ 399 for the 128GB version if it’s WiFi. and US $ 529 for the 16GB version, US $ 629 for the

64GB version and US $ 729 for the 128GB version if it is WiFi and with cellular connection.

Both models will be available to order from next Friday and will begin shipping from next week.

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