Apple is “preparing a surprise” for this Christmas

One of the most prolific and reliable filter feeders of today has just made his statement revealing a surprise that Apple would have prepared for this Christmas. L0vetodream tweets are often cryptic and difficult to decipher, and this one is no exception.

apple giftsWill Apple give us something?

The L0vetodream’s track record is almost flawless, leaked before anyone else that the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air would be the first with an Apple Silicon processor. He assured Apple would introduce a HomePod mini this year, a new Apple Watch Series 6 color, the iOS 14 release date, and much more.

You will get a Christmas surprise from Apple (PS: Winter exclusive, good for winter)

As you can see, there’s no way to figure out what Apple might be preparing. Perhaps not even he himself knows it, he only knows the intentions of the company.

What will be Apple’s surprise this Christmas?

It is true that the tweet is quite simple and that does not offer much information, although it is much clearer than other previous tweets.

For example, several weeks ago L0vetodream posted “iafwcwtncgab”. After the presentation of the iPad Air, L0vetodream unveiled the acronym: “iPad Air 4 will come with two new color green and blue”. the “iPad Air 4 will come with two new colors green and blue.”

Apple coverWhat will Apple be preparing?

As for Apple’s surprise, it is difficult to assess. Years ago Apple offered an app called 12 Days of Gifts, and every day they gave away a song, app or even movies.

Last year, Apple offered up to 6% daily cash back to Apple Card users on your Christmas shopping. Although this seems little to show off in a tweet.

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There are still devices to present, like the AirTags or the AirPods Studio, which could also fall within the scope of this tweet. We can only wait.