Apple is number 2, Samsung is 42

These are the most valuable companies in the world today.

** Another year Kantar, the renowned consultancy based in London, has published a new report with the most valuable companies in the world . We are not talking about the most important mobile technology firms but companies of all types and worldwide.

The report called BrandZ leaves us some interesting data. On the one hand Apple, the Cupertino firm known for its iPhone occupies the second position while Samsung which is the most important mobile phone company in the world la 42. But who will be the first?

Amazon is once again the most valuable brand in the world

Apple ranks second among the world’s most valuable brands

Without many surprises. Amazon is the most valuable firm in the world. More specifically, 684 billion dollars, 64% more in value when compared to last year. The second position is occupied by Apple with a value of 612 billion dollars and the third place already somewhat further, Google with 458 billion dollars.

And it is that dominating some markets such as mobile telephony does not make you be in the first positions and if not that they tell it to the South Koreans of Samsung who are this year in position 42. Worthy mention to Huawei that despite all the problems with the United States and Google ranks 50th.

But without a doubt the big surprise is that of Xiaomi, placing itself in position 70 above other giants such as BMW, Uber, Snapchat, Orange or Spotify.


These are the 10 most valuable companies in the world according to kantar

Said the above the top 10 brands with the most value in the world looks like this:

AmazonManzanaGoogleMicrosoft TencentFacebookAlibabaVisaMcdonaldsMastercard

On the other hand, Tesla is the brand with the highest growth compared to last year, 275%. It is followed by TikTok which has increased by 158%. Both brands rank 47th and 45th respectively. And to conclude, the United States is the country that contributes the most companies to the list with a total of 74.

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