There was a time when we marveled at the possibility of reading our emails on the mobile phone, but today we have pocket computers that are portable consoles, video editors, recording tables for podcasts and, of course, practically portable workstations . Hence, many manufacturers have already explored the field of desktop mobiles. Reach out, connect to a monitor and external keyboard and work as if it were a computer.

Apple seems to want to be the next to take this step based on the latest information that has come to us, always unofficial until the manufacturer confirms it. According to a couple of leaks on separate days, Apple would already be trying to put MacOS on their phones and tablets to activate this interface by connecting them to an external monitor. The definitive fusion in the ecosystem of the Americans.

iPhone and iPad with dual operating systems

As we were saying, other manufacturers have already experimented with the so-called « desktop mode » for their mobile phones, although all using special interfaces for Android and their own layer. Apparently, Apple would already be in the testing phase of a double installation of your operating systems on the same device, so that each one was launched at the right time.

Thus, when an iPhone is connected with this new dual system to an external monitor, or when the same is done with an iPad, the device would automatically launch MacOS so we could work directly as if it were an iMac for all purposes. The changes in Cupertino would have happened, according to the leaks, following the communication that the Mac ecosystem is preparing to make the jump to ARM.

The adaptation of MacOS to the ARM processor architecture, something that will happen yes or yes in a few months, would make this double installation possible on iPhone and iPad of the company. It would remain to be seen if MacOS would be fully integrated into iPhones, or if only certain parts would be used to be able to operate with both iPhone and MacOS apps on connected phones and iPads.

Meanwhile, the rumor or leak does not stop being what it is, and we will see in the coming months if clues continue to appear that give more weight or a sense of veracity to them. At the moment, it is a plausible move It could also be an internal test that may not see the light. Or if. We will see.

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An iPhone with MacOS: Apple is already testing its desktop system on mobile phones and tablets, according to leaks