Apple insists on AR’s ‘huge potential’ for ‘devices that may exist tomorrow’

Apple’s interest in continuing to develop devices and services to take advantage of the potential of the Augmented reality it is becoming more and more noticeable. And while its recent iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro with LiDAR sensor, with several apps to use it, are the first great demonstration, there is still much to explore.

Augmented reality glassesApple Augmented Reality Concept

According to statements from Apple’s head of augmented reality and virtual reality initiatives, Mike Rockwell, Augmented Reality has “enormous potential” both in “devices that exist today” and in “devices that may exist tomorrow.”

In an interview with CNET, the Apple executive shared the company’s interest in adopt your product ecosystem with this technology, to be useful in people’s lives, in a way that they did not imagine a few years ago:

“AR has tremendous potential to be useful to the people in their lives through devices that exist today and devices that may exist tomorrow, but we have to make sure it succeeds… For us, the best way to do that is to enable our ecosystem of devices, so that it is a healthy and profitable place for people to invest their time and effort.

“There is much more we can do, especially in relation to our understanding of the environment around us… We can recognize people, but If you think about what a human being can understand about an environment, there is no reason why, over time, a device cannot have that level of understanding also and provide developers ».

Despite not giving more details about the rumored Augmented Reality glasses, by 2022 at the earliest, spoke of the possibility of devices that will be part of our day to day.

“A few years from now, it will be one of those things where you can’t remember living without it, just like the Internet… You will feel like, wow, I’m using this on a regular basis… it will just blend into our lives.”