With rumors on the table about a possible iPhone SE 2020 with imminent launch, One of the Apple products that is giving the most talk is the AirTags, which have been practically confirmed in an official video that has escaped the company.

AirTags are devices focused on locate objects. They are managed from the iPhone itself and allow us to locate the objects we want even when they are not connected to the network.

What we think we know about AirTags

As we read in Applesfera, Apple a video has escaped confirming the existence of the AirTags. In this video tutorial it was described (we spoke in the past since they deleted the video minutes later) how to restore an iPhone from the factory, escaping a clear reference in it to the AirTags.

“With ‘Find Offline’ you can find this device and AirTags when they are not connected to a Wi-Fi network or do not have access to mobile data.”

Currently the iPhone has a similar text, but the word AirTags is not indicated in any way, since the product has not been released. What do we know at the moment of these tools? AirTags, according to the information available to date, are small devices that are attached to objects that we do not want to lose or that can be difficult to find due to their size or characteristics. For example, can be placed in keys, purses or any object that we want to locate quickly if we cannot find it.

AirTags allow the iPhone to notify us when we are away from an object to which we have put the device

Like all Apple products, it would be well integrated with other products in the family, with the main protagonist being the iPhone. When the iPhone is far from the AirTags a notification will be received. For example, if you have an AirTag in your car keys and you leave the house without them, your phone will notify you.

According to rumors, ‘safe areas’ can be configured, that is, areas in which notifications will not be sent (home, work, etc.). Similarly, AirTags will be able to make a sound so it’s easy to find them, in addition to a very curious function: the lost mode. With this mode, any iPhone user can notify the original owner of the location of the AirTag. At the moment, the AirTags have already been shown in the iOS source code and their existence has been confirmed on video, so their launch could be imminent.

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         Apple inadvertently “confirms” the existence of AirTags, its small devices for finding objects