Apple has released a revised version of iOS 14.2 exclusively for the iPhone 12

It seems that Apple has released a revised iOS 14.2 update for all four iPhone 12 models in exclusive. iOS 14.2 was released on November 5 including some cool enhancements such as new emojis, new wallpapers, and more enhancements.

iOS 14A new version of iOS 14 for the iPhone 12

The new iOS 14.2 update for the iPhone 12 has the number of Build 18B111, the old one had the number 18B92. MacRumors has realized this, although they do not find much explanation.

It is not known exactly why Apple has decided to release this new version of iOS 14.2 or the improvements and fixes it includes. What is clear is that it is exclusive for the iPhone 12, it will not appear to other users. But nevertheless, not all owners of an iPhone 12 will be able to install it.

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In order to install this revised version of iOS 14.2 you must install it from iOS 14.1, that is, if you already have iOS 14.2 installed, no update will appear from Settings> General> Software update.

It is not the first time this has happened, although normally all users can install it again, even having that version. It is possible that restoring the device from the computer to the factory will install this version, although it is not safe.

It’s not something that I would try if Apple has decided that it is not necessary it will be for something, the error they correct will be minimal or will not affect the vast majority of iPhone 12 users.