Apple has an even cheaper MacBook Air with M1 for education

The new MacBook Air with the M1 processor is not only significantly more powerful than the previous one with Intel, it is also slightly cheaper. But also, if you use the discount for education, its price is much more affordable.

MacBook AirThe new MacBook Air

However, Apple has created a special configuration of its MacBook Air with an M1 chip that is even cheaper for students. This version reduces the 128GB SSD storage, instead of the usual 256 GB, and its price drops 100 dollars more.

The MacBook Air with M1 is priced for education at $ 899, but this special version can be purchased for $ 799. However, this discount is special, and you will not be able to access Apple from the Education website.

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A discount for colleges and universities, for now

This new MacBook Air is a special model that Apple has created for certain educational institutions. At the moment the device appears in the wholesale shopping lists, and we do not know if in the future it will be an option at the Apple Education Store.

MacBook Air for $ 799MacBook Air with M1 chip for $ 799

At the moment this great discount is available for large institutions that are going to make a large purchase of computers. It may seem that $ 100 is not a lot, but when it comes to buying 20 new MacBook Air it is quite noticeable.

Is special MacBook Air configuration with 128GB of storage It is not available in the Apple Store or in the education store, although we should not rule out this possibility in the future.

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If you’re student, professor or an institutionYou can get Apple devices much cheaper thanks to the Apple Education Store, we will see if this new discounted MacBook Air reaches everyone.