Apple gives a lesson in obsolescence to Android with iOS 15 | Technology

That a phone from 2015 receives one more year of life just when it was about to run out of support is very good news for its owners.

Mobile phones have a more or less scheduled end date. Regardless of the quality of its components and how outdated they have become compared to new technologies, without system updates they can become a danger to our security.

With good maintenance, a smartphone like Apple’s can last for many years and if you don’t need better cameras, more storage space or better performance for the use you give it, you can save the expense of having to buy a new one, but if it stops having support, things get complicated.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were due to die in 2021, their owners could continue to use them but with the risk of not receiving system security updates and be exposed to more cyber attacks. At the last moment, Apple has decided to save them and give them one more year to live by allowing your update to iOS 15, the new version of your operating system.

This mobile has Apple Pay, Touch ID and a very advanced Retina screen for its generation. In addition, it is now discounted at a scandal price.

The iPhone 5s was five years old when it received its last major update to iOS 12, but it never received iOS 13 the following year and so with the rest of the company’s models. Apple is one of the brands that extends the life of its smartphones the most with 5 years of updates and security support, while Google only offers 3 years for its Pixels and Samsung now offers 4 years of support, but only 3 years of updates to Android on their mobiles.

The iPhone 6s thus becomes one of the oldest with its 6 years of update and support. Its owners can continue to trust it as before with the improvements that Apple has integrated into iOS 15. The company has not indicated that this is the strategy for the next few years, but it is a very good publicity for the brand.

However, this latest update will not mean the same for a mobile as old as the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus as for the new iPhone 12. Many of the new features will not work with the A9 Bionic processor of those mobiles: visual search, text live on photos, portrait mode in FaceTime and some more depend on the A12 Bionic chip that integrate the most modern. Even so, it is a very interesting security and news contribution. Here is the complete list of phones that will update with iPhone 6s.

Apple mobiles are usually one of the most expensive on the market because they are in the premium range and for its promise of quality and durability, among other things. This change reinforces the message that buying an iPhone is an investment in the future. In addition, the company has declared in recent years its position in favor of a more sustainable industry in which so many devices are discarded.

Gone is also another lesser known company that offers 5 years of support, Fairphone, and whose main slogan refers to the sustainability of its catalog. They ensure that their mobiles are the most ecological on the market Due to their durability and the possibility of replacing almost any part in case of breakage or if it becomes obsolete, they even allow you to change the cameras for more modern ones.

The European Union also defends these techniques that offer the user to keep and take advantage of their model for as long as possible, changing damaged components or receiving more years of updates.

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