Apple flips its operating system to make it more attractive

Last Monday Apple again invited us to an event that takes place every year in June. The WWDC is the developer conference in which the news in terms of software that the Cupertino company will apply from next fall are presented and shown.

This event has confirmed the path that Apple wants to continue working on, developing its own operating systems to make them increasingly efficient, with a better experience and never lose practicality. These new versions of operating systems They will affect devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac computers, as well as Apple TV.

iOS 15, not too many changes, but efficient

Apple’s operating system par excellence is going to have some improvements that will make much more versatile experience. These are some of the news.

Changes to FaceTime: The application for making audio and video calls will have improvements, such as clearer audio and devoid of noise, the ability to blur the background or compatibility with Android devices.

Notifications: These will be grouped according to your priorities so that they are less invasive.

Maps: more powerful devices will be able to access jaw-dropping versions of maps. Realism takes over in iOS 15.

Live Text: Using your device’s camera, you can scan a hand-copied text into digital format automatically, as well as translate it.

iMessage: The Messages app will undergo a slight redesign, to make it even friendlier.

Share Play: share your multimedia contents with any other device with a simple function.

Likewise, there are minor changes in other applications such as Health or Photos. For example, the possibility for the device to make animated montages with your photos from the gallery and songs from Apple Music will also be present.

iPadOS, boosting productivity

The iPad already has an operating system with its own entity since the previous edition. It is shaping up as a strong commitment to productivity, since among its improvements is advanced multitasking, with which the device can handle various applications at the same time without affecting its performance. Apple has incorporated the automatic translation function with the camera, it will be enough to focus on the text that we want to translate and we will have it at our disposal.

In the same way, taking a quick note will be possible for those who have the Apple Pencil. But there is no doubt that one of the improvements is the Applications Library, that we have already seen how it works since iOS 14 on the iPhone, and that allows you to have all your applications organized and hide those that you use the least.

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