Apple does not want to allow the download of applications outside the App Store to protect its users

Why won’t Apple let me install apps from external sources?

The usual battle. Closed or open operating system? Freedom or to be led by the hand? Android or iOS? Because we all know that Android is committed to offering the user a greater degree of freedom while the iOS operating system offers a totally different user experience. Neither better nor worse, different.

While Android allows you to install applications from the official Google store as well as from other external sources, Apple does not. Any application has to pass the filter of the App Store, hence according to those of Cupertino, iOS is so safe.

This is how I’m trying to get out of the Apple ecosystem: Mission Impossible?

But, What is the real reason why Apple does not allow applications to be installed from outside the App Store? Apple takes the security of its users very seriously to the point of having created a comprehensive document that details exactly how downloading applications from unofficial sources would be a threat to iPhones. That is, according to Apple: iPhone = safe, Android phone = bad.

Apple explains why it does not allow applications to be installed outside the App Store

This is why Apple doesn’t want you to install apps from outside of the App Store

In a recent 16-page document echoed by MacRumors, the Cupertino company fully explains the reasons why installing applications from sources outside of Apple is impossible on their devices.

The sources for this document have been various studies from 2020 that came to say that malware was easier to find on Android phones than on iPhones. Why? Because on Android terminals you can download applications from many sites and on iOS only from the official Apple store. In other words, an open operating system like Android is much more dangerous than a restrictive one like iOS.

Apple also states that a multitude of confidential information is stored on a smartphone such as photos, contact details, important documents, passwords, emails as well as bank details, so giving the user freedom can be a great risk for him. Or what is the same, Apple considers its users as small children who must be led by the hand.

Definitely, 16 Pages Where Apple Explains How Great iOS Operating System Is And How Bad The Competition Is. The App Store is a totally safe place and Apple’s privacy and security standards are enough to ward off any malware.

On the one hand Apple is right. Allowing downloading applications from places other than the Play Store can be a risk, but it is also true that treating users as technological illiterates is not very pleasant. As we always say, you have to use common sense. Download applications from reputable sites, see who the developer is, check the permissions and of course, stay away from applications that promise nonsense like all those that guarantee to update your terminal in a few minutes.

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