Apple does it again and its Apple Watch does work against COVID-19

Undoubtedly, increasingly valuable benchmarks have been established in the market, as they determine the ability of brands to establish increasingly daring tasks.

In the midst of these bets, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reminds us of how important technology has become in battles such as the one waged against COVID-19.

There are a series of references that today warn us of how important consumption has become in the market through technology such as that patented by Apple.

Apple has become a benchmark in the market, as increasingly daring tasks have been determined with this in order to turn its products into great benchmarks.

One element that has consolidated Apple has been innovation within high-value products, including those that have to do with the way brands are betting on work in front of audiences.

Undoubtedly, this guideline has been definitive in order to establish references, which determine the capacity of a brand in the market.

Given these trends, it is clear that the work of brands is focused on being able to understand consumption and, more importantly, determining tasks that help us understand the value of consumption.

In the midst of this series of proposals, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reveals how important innovation has become in the market and how a product that initially generated controversy, ended up being functional against the contingency sanitary that is lived in the market.

The emergence of an excellent product

When the last Apple Watch was presented, the brand had the intelligence that in the midst of this health contingency, having a device that measured oxygen saturation would be a great idea to be able to deal with this pathogen.

The smart way to promote the device set an important guideline and that is to be able to discover how this device works while actually fighting contingency.

In this measure, an important reference was established with it and was the test by a Mexican influencer, who compared the effectiveness of the Apple Watch with a commercial oximeter, in the measurement of oxygen saturation and discovered that the reading of both devices was the same.

Now, parallel studies conducted by the Mount Saint Health System in New York and Stanford University reveal that the use of these devices either in conjunction with the iPhone and an app, such as keeping a record of variation in heart rate and pulse of people, a possible positive could be predicted with days before it triggered with symptoms and evidently with a positive test.

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