Apple could have new services in development, such as ‘Mail +’ or ‘Podcast +’

Services are an increasingly important product within Apple’s income, it is even expected that in a few years they will surpass the iPhone as the most important section for the company. Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, iCloud, Apple News, Fitness + and Apple One, which brings them together under a subscription, are the current Apple services.

new Apple servicesApple could be preparing new services

However, this might just be the beginning. According to a new report from analysts at Loup Ventures, Apple could launch a new range of services in the future that would complement the current ones. They imagine extra services based on the apps that Apple already has, a kind of “Podcasts +” or “Mail +”.

Remember that today’s services are the size of a Fortune 50 company by revenue, and Apple’s plans are not going to stop there. Loup Ventures states that there’s room for more successful Apple services. And that these new subscriptions could be “hidden in plain sight”, based on existing applications.

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Apple is good at creating services

Add services to your apps is something that Apple has done recently. They have already added a service to the Music app, which was Apple Music, a service to the App Store, Apple Arcade, the TV app, with Apple TV + and the Training app, with Fitness +. So it could do it perfectly with other apps.

Loup Ventures highlights Apple’s success in terms of services, noting that while Spotify took 14 years to have 144 million paying subscribers, Apple Music amassed 85 million paying subscribers in just five years.

“This illustrates the power of services built on top of the default applications”

apple oneApple One is Apple’s service package.

These are the 5 services that according to these analysts Apple could launch:

Podcast +. It would be a premium podcast service with special shows from well-known content creators. Analysts say it would be included in the Apple Music and Apple One subscription.
Mail +. It could be Apple’s first personal productivity-related service offering advanced inbox management.
Stocks +. It would be a way for Apple to “replicate its success with the Apple Card” and offer financial services and investment accounts.
Maps +. It is said that this option could be highly related to the Apple Car.
Health +. This service could take advantage of the data from the Health app to offer digital healthcare.

If Apple launches these types of services, Loup Ventures believes that will be successful and courageous, and they will lead Apple towards a market value of three trillion dollars, we will see if Apple has something prepared in this regard.