Since the original iPhone was launched in 2007, at least one new version has been released each year. Since then there has not been a single year in which no iPhone is featured. It’s like a date we have every year. Except for this one, maybe. And it is that, according to new reports from Nikkei, this year Apple could have made the decision not to launch any new phone.

And the report actually makes a lot of sense. And not just because of the original source: even though things are slowly getting back to normal in China, restarting manufacturing at this point in the year may not make sense.

Further, Apple may be seriously concerned about people’s hunger to update their phone. We must also remember that, to this day, all Apple stores throughout the planet remain closed; only those of China remain open, and because the country has recovered a bit of normality. The official version is that the stores will open after March, but even fulfilling that forecast, Apple Stores could not open in many countries that are currently under confinement.

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Apple stores are still closed, and we may not see a new iPhone this year

And although the situation has been regularized in China, in the united states coronavirus is starting to grow very strong these days: The coronavirus is reaching astronomical figures in the United States and, especially, in New York, where the virus is spreading much faster, becoming the most important hot spot on the planet due to the speed it is reaching.

Aside from the supply chain constraint, Apple is concerned that the current situation will significantly decrease consumers’ appetite for updating their phones, which could lead to a docile reception of the first iPhone 5G. […] They need the iPhone 5G launch to be a success“Says the source. Although the decision has not been made, Apple would be holding internal talks about this possible event.

According to the same source, Apple was preparing everything to have lists of 100 million units of its new iPhone, including up to four different versions. It was a launch – or it is, as it has not yet been officially canceled – very important for the firm. These same providers claim that Apple would have given orders to delay the manufacture of these devices for two or three more months.

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The difficult decision will be made, in theory, around May. And it will be at that time when we will have much more information on whether the confinements applied in various countries are successful or not. If we have very positive results –as in China–, we may see a new apple phone this year. Until then, we will have to live with the unknown.

At the same time, this event alerts us to what is coming: if a major telephone company like Apple decides to postpone one of its most important launches, it is because the economy will be much more resentful than we think.

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