Apple could be preparing a MacBook in matte black color

For several generations of MacBook, Apple has offered different shades for the aluminum case. MacBook Airs are available in colors Silver, Space Gray and Gold, MacBook Pros only in Silver and Space Gray. But this could change as an Apple patent describes a MacBook in Matte Black color.

MacBook matte blackWould you like a matte black MacBook?

If you’ve been in the Apple world for a long time, you’ll know that the company already offered a MacBook in black years ago. This black model was replaced by the white color, and later discontinued.

Now, according to a latest Apple patent, the company could bring back this matte black shade for its MacBooks, we understand that replacing the space gray color that has been accompanying us for several years.

A patent shows new possible colors for MacBooks

The patent granted to Apple speaks directly about the way to color the aluminum of the housing of electronic devices. It’s something we’re used to, but Apple emphasizes that it is not easy to obtain dark colors.

‘The casing of portable electronic devices can include an anodized coating that can be tinted in different colors in order to enhance its cosmetic appeal to consumers. However, certain colors are much more difficult to achieve than others.

“In particular, attempts by consumer electronics manufacturers to achieve true black have fallen short. In fact, the best attempts have only reached a dark gray color. One challenge in achieving true black is that anodized metal can have a relatively high gloss finish, which is capable of reflecting large amounts of visible light. […].

Apple patentApple patent images

The mere fact of depositing colored particles within the pores of an anodized layer is insufficient to achieve a true black color. Part of the challenge in achieving true black is that the surface of these enclosures generally has a high-gloss finish, which contributes to the reflection of a large amount of visible light.

However, it seems that Apple has a plan to achieve it. The goal is to create a layer that absorbs light as much as possible, and thus avoid reflecting light and glare.

This is achieved through an etching process, which modifies the material. It can be seen in these two figures, 3A is before the process and 4A is after. By having these irregular shapes, the light is less reflected and allows a matte finish without glare.

Apple patentApple patent images

“The etched anodized surface of the enclosures that has light-catching characteristics (also called light-absorbing characteristics) is generally capable of absorbing almost all the visible light that falls on it. Also, any visible light that is not absorbed by the light capture functions is diffusely reflected by the light capture functions.

As a result, the etched anodized part is characterized by having a low gloss matte finish. The low gloss matte finish combined with black particles infused within the pores are able to conceal external surface geometries’.

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It is only a patent and we do not know if Apple could include this type of finish in any of its devices. But we already know that MacBooks get a redesign next year, and a new color is always welcome.