It is in the public domain that the iPhone It is the jewel of La Corona de Manzana, For more than a decade, it has been its best-selling product and for several years its main source of income.

Hence, year after year, the arrival of a new generation is expected, one that this year will have to wait, at least a little more than usual.

What was anticipated is confirmed

It was Thursday, along with Manzana presented its financial report in which, beyond reporting income from 59 thousand 700 million dollars between April and June, highlighting the role of the iPhone.

However, the positive numbers somewhat distracted attention from what the Cupertino tech has planned for its flagship device, since It was confirmed that it will be presented a few weeks later than planned, they expect the launch keynote to be in October.

The arguments presented during the call with investors were focused on the warning that supplies of a new iPhone will be delayed, this due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“As you know, last year we started selling iPhones in late September. This year, we project that the supply will be available a few weeks later, « he said. Luca Maestri, Apple CFO, according to CNet.

Although the executive did not give details on why the supply of the new generation of the smartphone is delayed or limited, this confirmation gives more weight to the conjectures that have been disclosed in this regard in recent months.

An example of this is what the leaker revealed this week Jon Prosser, considered one of the best analysts at Apple, who warned that the launch of the device would be delayed until October.

Their report was released after Qualcomm said that one of its allies will suffer « slight » delays in certain launches, which was attributed to Apple, because The chipmaker is the one that will provide 5G modems for the iPhone 12.

Recall that the Wall Street Journal also warned last April about this possibility, because the production of the smartphone could be up to 20 percent lower to the optimal derivative of the coronavirus and that could be the reason why the presentation of the iPhone 12 is delayed by a month.

Without a doubt, Apple is aware of the weight of its flagship device and what it least wants is to speed up its launch, especially in times when the market does not have the best conditions.

However, the presumption that it is in October when you make the keynote makes sense, since reservations could start at the end of that month or in November and, sales at the point of sale in December, perfect for the Christmas season, historically the best for Apple.