The company mentioned its concern about the pandemic that does not stop in some American cities, so they will close their stores again.

Azteca News –

The company Manzana He mentioned that he will close his shops in the United States as a result of new cases that have been reported from Covid-19, because it seems that the disease does not stop.

The United States has become one of the nations most affected by the coronavirus, since the spread has been faster than expected, so that protection and social containment measures are still in force.

Given this, the Manzanita company explained that some of its shops, located in Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, will remain closed until the health contingency allows it. It is worth mentioning that this last city has been shown as the next epicenter of Covid-19.

According to the previous communications, Manzana planned to open around 100 shops in the United States in late May with some restrictions; that is, some would be only to collect products or to provide other services.

But the situation in that country has not stopped these plans from continuing, as the country has reported more than 2.2. million infected people and around 118,396 deaths related to Covid-19.

Finally, in May, the company’s chief of retail operations, Deidre O´Brien, revealed that the operation of the company will be based on the information reported in these cities.

« These are not decisions we make hastily, and opening a store in no way means that we will not take the precautionary step of closing it again if local conditions warrant it. »