Apple cider vinegar and rosemary to revitalize hair | Unsplash

Like our skin, our hair needs intensive care for what have the hydration, vitality and movement you need to look beautiful and healthy. As we well know, despite pharmacy products and cosmetics, natural remedies are the solution for much of our beauty problems.

Homemade masks have the benefit of bringing vitamins, minerals and all the possible nutrients from our natural ingredients as well as for the skin, hair and nails. As we well know, another of The advantages of masks and home remedies is that we do not have to spend as much and they are at our fingertips.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar and rosemary on hair

An apple cider vinegar and rosemary hair mask brings dry properties to your hair moisturizers and antioxidants that balance hair’s PH and the restoration and hydration of the scalp. You can apply these two ingredients as a mask or toner and can solve the problems of dry hair or damaged ends.

How to prepare an apple cider vinegar mask with rosemary for hair?

 Apple vinager
 4 rosemary sprigs
 Lavender oil drops

Preparation and use mode

In a container that you can apply as a sprayer to your hair, pour the apple cider vinegar together with the rosemary sprigs and the oil drops. Close the container and let it rest for a day. To apply it is necessary during the bath, after rinsing the hair with shampoo.

Apple cider vinegar and rosemary to revitalize hair. Unsplash

During the washing of your hair, remove the product from the shampoo and spray the mask or toner on wet hair, leave to act for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. Do this procedure twice a week to see the results in no time.

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