Apple begins developing its own 5G modem for iPhone, iPad and other devices

Apple’s obsession with controlling each process is well known. The company wants to have it all very defined and made to measure, and that is why it has taken decisions in recent months in that direction. On the one hand we have the M1 chips of the Macs, which replace those of Intel, and soon we will have some Apple-made modems to replace Qualcomm’s.

Intel 5gIntel’s 5g modem, a division now owned by Apple

IPhones and iPads have long used processors made by Apple, however To be able to connect to the cellular network, Apple continues to depend on Qualcomm modems. But this will change.

As Mark Gurman announces at Bloomberg, Apple is already developing its own modems. Sources from Johny Srouji, Apple’s vice president of hardware technologies, have personally confirmed after an important meeting.

Apple does not want to depend on Qualcomm

This is something that we already knew in part. Last year Apple bought its mobile modem division from Intel, with the clear intention to start manufacturing yours own.

5g iPhone 12The iPhone 12 and 5G coverage

During the meeting, Srouji confirmed that Apple has already started building its own cellular modem to be used in future devices:

“This year, we began development of our first in-house cellular modem that will enable another key strategic transition. Long-term strategic investments like these are a critical part of our products and ensuring that we have a rich portfolio of innovative technologies for our future.

It is a measure that is not surprising, Apple could better control production and not depend on Qualcomm’s improvements and deadlines in something as important as the internet connection. Further, this could greatly benefit users by reducing manufacturing costs, as has happened with the M1 on Macs.

“The move extends Apple’s push toward greater reliance on its own parts at the expense of Qualcomm, Intel and others. Qualcomm gets about 11% of its revenue from Apple, while Intel gets about 7% of the iPhone maker’s sales, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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Following the announcement, Qualcomm shares have fallen 6.3%, which shows the importance of this news. These Apple’s new modems have no date of arrival on the market, although Apple has an agreement with Qualcomm until 2025.