Apple announces new technologies in favor of the privacy of its users

Manzana has announced the availability of two new technologies that will allow display advertising advertisers to correctly measure the impact of their campaigns without the need to compromise the privacy of your users.

The announcement was made after updating a document called A day in the life of your data, which was presented on January 28, where it is explained how in

Among the new information, it is explained in the most didactic way possible, how some companies in the digital advertising market track, aggregate and aggregate personal data during the ad auction process when displayed on websites and apps.

Ad auction is the basic operation of programmatic digital advertising. The problem is that, as advertisers want more information to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns, companies that aggregate data are beginning to ultra-segment users. To such an extent that they are able to track and follow people individually. These last two points are one of the greatest struggles of Manzana in relation to privacy.

New technologies to measure the impact of display campaigns without compromising user privacy

That is why Manzana has presented two new technologies to measure the impact of display advertising without compromising user privacy.

The first is known as SKAdNetwork, which will let advertisers know how many times an app has been installed after their ads were shown. That way they can measure the impact of a campaign.

The system is designed so that the shared information does not include any data that could identify a specific person or the device that they are using. That way individual tracking is avoided.

The second technology presented is the private click measurement on iOS and iPad OS apps. In this way, advertisers can measure the impact of display advertising that they take to a website.

Apple has designed it so that part of the process is done by the web browser itself and not in an adserver, where a much more sophisticated data collection could be executed.

The process informs the advertiser of the click that was made on their ad and the action it generated on their website, but without receiving information specific enough to cause a much more individualized tracking.

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As of iOS 14.5

Both the private click measurement What SKAdNetwork will be activated in iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, an update that will come to iPhones and iPads in the coming weeks.

It will not be the only new privacy measure in favor of users that we will see in the new operating system. Application developers will also be required to disclose the user when tracking activity on other sites and other apps from other companies.

The user will have to consent to said tracking and can block it at any time, from the app or from the configuration in operating system settings. This is the measure that Facebook has opposed head on.

No wonder, the social network has been doing business for years with the ultra-sophisticated segmentation of our data, to the point of knowing our behaviors almost better than ourselves. With a dangerous tendency to manipulate behaviors to keep us glued to their applications and make the ads literally follow us, to the point that sometimes we believe that the smartphone listens to us.