Apple alert: immediately update your iPhone

Do you have any mobile device of Manzana? This interests you: the company has informed its users of iPhone and iPad that, for security reasons, they must update the operating systems of their devices. And it is that according to the multinational, Apple needs to correct security errors that would have been caused by hackers.

All devices must update the iOS 14.4 software, which, according to the company, includes improvements and bug fixes present in previous versions.

The North American company has explained that there may be three security errors that have been “actively exploited” by ‘hackers’.

To download the new version of the operating system (14.4), the user must enter the configuration / general / software update menu.

It should be noted that, apart from these improvements, the company also reports the following improvements in the new software update:

– The Camera app can recognize smaller QR codes.

– Ability to classify the type of Bluetooth device in Settings for the correct identification of the headphones for audio notifications.

– Notifications for when the iPhone camera cannot be verified as a genuine new Apple camera on iPhone 12 and all its variants.

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