The National Sanctuary of Aparecida published an official note on Tuesday night (26) in which it states that it does not contest the social isolation measures implemented in the state of São Paulo to slow the progress of the new coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) and who does not intend to resume the celebrations at this time.

Aparecida Sanctuary informs that it will only reopen after the public authorities indicate the possibility

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According to a statement, the press release about the term “contest” was erroneous and that it represents only the “procedural defense of response to a lawsuit, in this case, that proposed by the Public Prosecutor on March 14, 2020”, which determined the closure of the Sanctuary.

“Some reports treated it as new, an old fact, since it is a lawsuit of March 14, previous, including the decree of Quarantine in the State of São Paulo. The wording of the articles leads to the erroneous understanding that the institution is questioning measures current policies adopted by the São Paulo Government “, says the statement.

Still according to the Sanctuary’s managers, “at no time” is there any questioning of “measures of social isolation or even its format” and that “the resumption of liturgical celebrations with the presence of the people, will only happen when the public power indicates this possibility, as well as the Archdiocese of Aparecida to guide “.

This Tuesday (26), the portal “UOL” published an article in which it stated that the Sanctuary had filed a lawsuit in the 2nd Civil Court of Aparecida contesting the closure of the site and stating that there was no consensus on the isolation – since the Presidency and the government of the State of São Paulo have divergent positions on the subject.

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