AnyTech365 Andaluca Open: Carlos Alcaraz: “Training with Nadal was a unique and unforgettable experience”

He is the tennis player that everyone wants to see and that is why he collects invitations wherever he goes thanks to the efforts of his agent Albert Molina at the multinational IMG. First it was Acapulco, then Miami and this week the AnyTech365 Andaluca Open is playing with a wild card, which is held at the Puente Romano Club in Marbella. The Murcian, who has traveled with Juan Carlos Ferrero and Juanjo Moreno, reviews his start to the season with MARCA.

How do you rate what we have been in the season? It was a great start for me. In Australia I had good games that helped me gain experience. Although it comes from three defeats, all subsequent tournaments have helped me learn. I am happy with the experiences lived in the Montpellier and in Acapulco and Miami. In Marbella I am with a different mentality and knowing what I have to do on the track. Is it a recognition of your progression to receive so many invitations? I am doing things well and improving a lot. I think that thanks to that the tournaments give me the opportunity to play and to continue growing as a tennis player and as a person. I must continue like this in the future. Do you think you have had bad luck with the last draws with Alexander Zverev in Acapulco and Emil Ruusuvuori in Miami? You cannot speak of bad or good luck in these types of tournaments because they are all very good and have a very high level. I always try to look for the positive side of losses. With both Zverev and Ruusuvuoru I think I learned a lot. Is the goal of the year still to finish ‘top50’? I keep that goal.

I’m doing things well, that’s why tournaments give me the opportunity to continue growing.

Do you know the results you have to do to go straight into Roland Garros? I think Marbella is the last tournament before the court so it should win here or make the final. It is difficult, but not impossible. Are you looking forward to making your debut in the main draw at the French Open? I would love to play all the Grand Slam and measure all the players to the best of five sets. But the ATP tournaments that are coming from now on also make me very excited. How does it take to be locked in bubble hotels? It is an obligation so you have to take it in the best possible way. Of course, it would have been better to go out to enjoy the cities I travel to. To continue competing, I take it as a privilege that must be taken advantage of. Are you afraid of contracting the coronavirus? You always have to take precautions even if you are at home and have vacation days. If you go out to party and don’t take the proper precautions, it hurts you in your work. And going two weeks without doing physical makes you lose shape.

I always look for the positive side of defeats and I did that in Acapulco and Miami

Are you in favor of vaccines? Even if we don’t want to, we all have to do it and so do I. It is the best solution to end the virus and live a normal life as soon as possible. Who is the tennis player that has impressed you the most of those you have met or coached in recent months? All players are good at training, but it is always more special to do it with your idol, which in my case is Rafa (Nadal). It was an unforgettable, unique experience that I will always keep. He only needs to practice with Novak Djokovic. I am missing him and many more that I am also excited to play with. Zverev said in Acapulco that his match could be repeated many times in the future compared to the rivalry between Nadal and Federer. Do you take it as a compliment? Let the best in the world say these things about you because I know it is a great compliment. That the players who are at the top and that I have seen on TV see me as a rival means that I am doing things well.

We all have to get vaccinated to end the virus and live a normal life

Do you feel the pressure that everyone expects a lot from you? I don’t pay attention at all to people who have high expectations of me, who say that if I’m going to be the next Nadal … I try to stay out of that kind of comment. I focus on myself, my work and my team. What has been missing to win more games in this 2021? I believe that experience is basic and I still lack. I play with more experienced people, who know how to handle these situations much better than I do because they have lived them many times.In Marbella he coincides with the dans Holger Vitus Nodskov, of his same generation and a number one in the junior world. They know each other? I saw him a bit on the South American tour. He is a partner we have grown up with together. We have coincided since the sub’12 categories. Holger is a great player and I wish him the best. It is his first large painting in Spain. I’m looking forward to every ATP tournament I play.