ANYbotics Enhances Mobile Autonomous Robots with Velodyne Lidar Sensors

Equipped with Velodyne Puck ™ sensors, ANYbotics robots automate industrial inspections

SAN JOSÉ, California, August 04, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (Nasdaq: VLDR, VLDRW) announced today that ANYbotics is equipping its mobile autonomous robots with Velodyne’s Puck ™ lidar sensors. ANYbotics robots offer industrial operators an automated robotic inspection solution for plant maintenance and supervision activities.

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Equipped with Velodyne Lidar’s Puck ™ sensors, ANYbotics’ four-legged robot ANYmal performs inspection and monitoring tasks in challenging industrial terrains such as mining and minerals, oil and gas, chemicals, energy and construction. (Photo: ANYbotics)

ANYbotics’ ANYmal four-legged robot performs inspection and monitoring tasks in challenging industrial settings such as mining and minerals, oil and gas, chemicals, energy, and construction. ANYmal legs offer unmatched mobility when going up and down stairs, overcoming obstacles, steps and gaps, and when entering tight spaces. ANYmal’s inspection load provides visual, thermal and acoustic information for monitoring of equipment and infrastructure conditions. With Velodyne’s Puck sensors, the ANYbotics robotic inspection solution can map industrial environments to detect obstacles and enable an ANYmal to avoid collisions while passing through harsh environments with a higher level of accuracy.

“Velodyne lidar sensors provide any ANYmal with a constant flow of high-resolution 3D information about environments, and help the robot safely map and monitor complex and hostile environments,” said Daniel Lopez Madrid, Director of perception team at ANYbotics. “The sensors enable precise mapping and location functions that our robots need to understand the physical environment in which they operate and any changes, such as moving people and objects.”

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“ANYbotics robotics solutions excel in industrial inspection automation providing information to plant operators to maximize equipment availability and improve safety,” said Erich Smidt, CEO of Velodyne Lidar Europe. “Using Velodyne lidar sensors, your robots can autonomously explore complex multi-story environments and find the fastest way to complete missions. During operation, the robot system can safely avoid obstacles and stably pass on uneven terrain “.

Velodyne lidar sensors are important components of robotic autonomy and navigation. They allow mobile robots to extend their functions beyond controlled situations with predefined tasks and operate in unfamiliar and unpredictable environments. Velodyne sensors provide real-time 3D perception data for object location, mapping, classification and tracking. By combining high-resolution image data with wide vertical fields of view, the sensors even detect the shape of objects with low reflectivity, regardless of material and movement. This ability to perceive is critical to the advancement of safe and efficient mobile robotic operations.

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