Anya Taylor-Joy: Her Best Movies and Series

Yes Anya Taylor-Joy She has become one of the most important young actresses of her generation because of the talent shown in each of her films. To this we add the wide range of genres explored in his short career, ranging from horror to romance and through science fiction, in a journey that has also allowed him to wander between indie cinema and the great blockbusters. Finally, a growing number of alliances with senior managers.

We remember the filmography of Anya Taylor-Joy with a recount of her best films and series.

11. Barry (Dir. Vikram Gandhi, 2016)

Anya Taylor-Joy Barry

Anya Taylor-Joy had a dream 2016 that is often remembered by Fragmented and Morgan, but which also included an outstanding performance in Barry. The film that addresses the university facet of Barack Obama in Columbia turned to Anya Taylor-Joy for the role of Charlotte Baughman, former sentimental partner of the former president and with whom he formed a close bond during his academic years due to the interest of both young people in different matters politicians. Far from focusing on romanticism, the filmmaker takes advantage of the female to explore an interracial relationship in a period of great ethnic tensions within the American union, which would result in decisive reflections on the life of the African American. Its greatest virtue is that the prejudices shown are limited to the time period seen on the screen, but guarantee the deepening of an evil that extends to the present day.

10. Morgan (Dir. Luke Scott, 2016)

Anya Taylor-Joy Morgan

If 2016 was key to the rise of Anya Taylor-Joy, it was because of the exploration of different genres, as was the case with sci-fi with Morgan. The film shows the actress as the titular character, a biotechnological hybrid with physical and intellectual capacities superior to those of any person, with which a recurring theme in science fiction is addressed, such as artificial life out of control, thus becoming direct heir to a long list of fictions ranging from Frankenstein (1818) to Ex Machina (2014). If the film did not transcend further, it was because its production prioritized action over the reflections of the genre, a decision that did not prevent the good work of its protagonist, who took advantage of the peculiarity of the concept to avoid possible pigeonholes, thus making it a stepping stone important to continue climbing positions within your profession.

9. Hidden secrets (Dir. Sergio G. Sánchez, 2017)

Anya Taylor-Joy Marrowbone Hidden Secrets

Sergio G. Sánchez, screenwriter of El orfanato (2007), took up some elements of the story for his directorial debut in Hidden Secrets. The film introduces us to four brothers who live together in their old house, sharing their lives and their loneliness, but also a dark secret that haunts their existence. Anya Taylor-Joy is not part of the family, but her unexpected presence and her desire to get closer to the alienated young people ends up making her the trigger for the conflict inside her enigmatic residence. A purely fulfilling thriller that had potential for much more, but is still enjoyable thanks to the good work of the actress and the rest of the young cast of George MacKay, Charlie Heaton and Mia Goth. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the quartet to reach histrionic consolidation.

8. The new mutants (Dir. Josh Boone, 2020)

Anya Taylor-Joy The New Mutants The New Mutants

We will never know what the fate of The New Mutants would have been under Fox’s command, but it is clear that the franchise had big plans for the group, highlighting the case of Illyana Rasputin played by Anya Taylor-Joy. In a film that barely explores the past of its tormented characters, the warrior known as Magik is the one who seemed to have the best chances of development with her childhood traumas and hostile nature. These properties are favored by the wise work of the actress, who leaves behind the innocence that has characterized many of her most emblematic works to give life to a girl who wanders dangerously between the line that divides good from evil. This construction, together with the uniqueness of its Lockheed sidekick, could make it a cornerstone of the franchise, but its future looks uncertain given the continuous delays that affected the project and the transfer of property X to Disney / Marvel.

7. The Miniaturist (Dir. Guillem Morales, 2017)

Anya Taylor-Joy The Miniaturist The House of Miniatures

Anya Taylor-Joy’s rising career isn’t limited to the big screen. And it is that, although far from the great contemporary television phenomena, the adaptation of the successful novel by Jessie Burton had no problems to position itself among the most popular titles in the history of the BBC thanks to its great production values ​​and good work of the cast led by the young actress. The three-episode miniseries takes its audiences to the 17th-century Netherlands to introduce us to a young woman whose nuptials to an enigmatic merchant lead her into a house full of secrets, though none as large as the miniature building that adorns her room. Its plot is not limited to the European manners of the time, but delves into the exploration of the misfits who had to unite in the search for desperate solutions to guarantee their survival in a hostile society, thus becoming a bloody reflection of the contemporary world.

6. Glass (Dir. M. Night Shyamalan, 2019)

Anya Taylor-Joy Glass

Casey Cooke’s relevance in Sliver (2016) prompted M. Night Shyamalan to rescue the character for Glass, which marked Kevin Wendell’s (James McAvoy) anticipated encounter with David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson). of Unbreakable (2000). Unlike what happened in the previous film, the nature of the story significantly reduced the presence of Anya Taylor-Joy, since her incarnation ceased to be the central axis of actions to become a moral support for the man diagnosed with a disorder dissociative identity. Even so, the actress does a compliant job by respecting the essence and especially the evolution of the female, who, far from expressing any kind of resentment, shows enormous concern for who was her tormented captor.

5. Thoroughbreds (Dir. Cory Finlen, 2017)

Anya Taylor-Joy Thoroughbreds

It’s not Anya Taylor-Joy’s most popular movie, but boy is it one of the most shocking. The story of two friends who meet again after some years of estrangement and who, jaded by the monotonous suburban life, devise a violent plan to end their respective problems. A kind of Strangers on a Train (1951) spiced up with the irony of Young Killers: Lethal Attraction (1989), the essence of American Psycho (2000) and the brutality of Funny Games (1997), resulting in such a disturbing mix as effective that works in good part because of the talent of its star third composed of Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke and Anton Yelchin. He shone in the independent industry, and his growing fame among select audiences seems to be heading for the cult.

4. Emma (Dir. Autumn de Wilde, 2020)

Anya Taylor-Joy Emma

Jane Austen’s novel has been taken to film and television on multiple occasions, with the one starring Anya Taylor-Joy being one of the most acclaimed. The actress masterfully embodies a spoiled young woman whose most recent obsession is to act as a matchmaker between her various friends, which leads to all kinds of love misunderstandings. His wise work is favored by the good work of the rest of the cast, the outstanding costume design and production, as well as by a script that, without being completely faithful to the source, rescues its most outstanding elements. The latter is vital to delve into the most important issues in print such as the opposition to the distinction of social classes, the redefinition of masculinity and female empowerment and thus become one of the best adaptations of the renowned British author.

3. Fragmented (Dir. M. Night Shyamalan, 2016)

Anya Taylor-Joy Split Fragmented

Fragmented is usually remembered for the great acting work of James McAvoy, but the truth is that the performance of Anya Taylor-Joy was also decisive for the success of the story. This is because the young actress not only plays the victim of a Kevin Wendell afflicted by more than twenty personalities, but of the entire society with which she does not quite identify, which is key to establishing a series of emotional ties with her captor and that will be essential to ensure their survival. All this is a great support for the adequate construction of the central character and for the reflection of a society that does not hesitate to separate all those who do not fully agree with its most banal principles. This was how Casey Cooke avoided being a simple narrative support to rise as one of the best representatives of the contemporary final girl and with it, one of the most significant characters in the entire filmography of M. Night Shyamalan.

2. Lady’s Gambit (Scott Frank & Allan Scott, 2020)

Anya Taylor Joy Queens Gambit Lady's Gambit

If there is something that has characterized the career of Anya Taylor-Joy, it is her null interest in conventions, being one of the best examples of the Lady’s Gambit. And it is that in an industry dominated by increasingly safe bets, few actresses would have opted for the journey of a young chess player making her way during the 60s. But she did, which resulted in a hypnotic drama that takes advantage of the game of strategy to explore clearly feminist issues, but also social, family and personal crises in the search for identity and greatness. His talent also made him one of the most fascinating characters on contemporary television, whose mix of passions and addictions makes him simply magnetic. It did not take long to become one of the great successes of Netflix and the consolidation of the actress among audiences.

1. The witch (Dir. Robert Eggers, 2015)

Anya Taylor-Joy The Witch The Witch

Anya Taylor-Joy debuted in Vampire Academy (2014) as a non-credit character and just a couple of years later she jumped to the top with The Witch. Robert Eggers’s film has been considered among the best of contemporary horror. Its disturbing story and powerful symbology addresses the downfall of a New England family that falls outside God’s protection when it is driven from its village. Its success would not have been possible without Anya Taylor-Joy, as the innocent young woman who ends up succumbing to the temptations of the evil incarnate in Black Philip after being rejected by her own. Her marvelous work positioned her among the best exponents of the cinematographic witch and her powerful metaphors in the contemporary world, but also among the great histrionic promises, a label that she has taken full advantage of to establish herself among the most outstanding actresses of her generation.

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