Although there are still a few weeks to know the outcome of the fourth season, ‘Servir y Protecte’ already records the new deliveries that will arrive in mid-September at La 1. The Spanish Television fiction, produced by Plano a Plano, has just started filming its fifth season with outstanding signings and new cases to be solved in the Southern District.

Antonio Valero and Thaïs Blume, signings of ‘Servir y Protecte’

Like every season, the series renews part of its cast to bring fresh air to your frames. Thaïs Blume (‘Love is forever’), Antonio Valero (‘Family doctor’), Cayetana Cabezas (‘The secret of Puente Viejo’), Felipe Vélez (‘The people’), Diego Klein (‘A private life’ ), Vania Villalón (‘Fugitiva’), Karina Kolokolchykova (‘Paraíso’) and Luis Fernández are the actors who join the series as fixed in its season 5.

The consecrated daily series of La 1 will experience an important change, since the fifth season It will be the first without Tirso Calero, creator, screenwriter and executive producer of this crime fiction. After 800 chapters leading the project, the Valencian says goodbye to his professional stage in Plano a Plano to head the fiction department of Backstage Producciones, as announced exclusively by FormulaTV.

The final stretch of season 4

But, as the season 5 premiere rolls around, La 1 broadcasts the final stretch of its fourth round of episodes with high doses of emotion and mystery. The last chapters will revolve around the hunt for Ramón Rojo (Chechu Salgado) and the operation against Vlado Khan (Joan Negrie), with the participation of Inspector Alicia Ocaña (Andrea Del Río).