Antonio Valencia hangs up his boots

05/12/2021 at 8:37 PM CEST

The Ecuadorian side Antonio valencia, who shone with Manchester United in the English Premier League and with his country’s national team, announced his retirement as a soccer player on Wednesday due to severe wear and tear on his knees.

“This injury appeared when I was 29 years old, I tried to continue training without an operation, it worked, but every time the pain appeared more and now is the time to say thanks to this beautiful sport”He explained at a press conference organized by his latest team, the Queretaro of Mexican soccer.

Valencia ended an 18-year career, 10 of which were spent at Manchester United, with which he won two Leagues, a Europa League, an FA Cup and two League Cups.

“It is a tough decision because I feel mentally strong, but there is something that is not right in your body. It is sad to see your teammates training 100 percent and that you have to leave training was depressing, it is not fair that my teammates train at 100 and I at 40 “, added the ‘Tren’ Valencia.

Valencia played 98 games with the Ecuadorian team, which it represented in the 2006 World Cups in Germany and Brazil 2014, as well as in four America’s Cups..

“I am a passionate person for my country, I always wanted to do my best in each game with the national team. There were games that were won and others that were lost, negative comments that offend one. I apologize if at one point I failed the national team” , expressed Valencia.

The footballer revealed that the most beautiful moment of his career was the first time he stepped on the pitch of the Old Trafford stadium, home of Manchester United.

“The most beautiful moment was when I stepped foot in the Manchester stadium for the first time, I got it after three years of work at Wigan”he commented.

Valencia assured that what follows in his life will be to take a vacation, but his intention will be to return to football in another role that he did not specify.

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