Antonio Serradilla loses an eye due to a tumor

06/10/2021 at 9:25 PM CEST


The international player of the Logroño La Rioja has lost his right eye as a result of a tumor, detected by the symptoms of what looked like a retinal detachment, which was the reason why he stopped playing weeks before the end of the season, reports the club.

In fact, the Andalusian player left the Logroño team after a match in Córdoba and decided to move to Seville, from where it is natural, to undergo different tests, in which they detected a tumor.

The Rioja club has not made the situation public until this Thursday, according to the player, through a statement on social networks. In it they explain that the medical team treating him decided, in agreement with the player, to remove the right eyeball.

The club explains that the news supposed “a jug of cold water” for his teammates in the final stretch of the season, but Serradilla’s “tenacity and momentum” made them stronger “and somehow Antonio played” with them “all the games,” they say.

They explain that Serradilla is recovering in Seville, surrounded by his family, and works to return to the fields, something that “will not be easy”, recognizes the club, which offers all the possible support to fulfill it.

The Logroño asks in its statement respect for the player in his recovery process and underlines the lesson in courage that he is giving right now.

Antonio Serradilla, 22 years old, arrived in Logroño last season as one of the future bets of Spanish handball, since his good performances in Handball Guadalajara had led him to the Spanish team despite his youth.

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