Antonio Romero positive note in Sabadell

04/05/2021 at 9:23 PM CEST

Joan Blanch

Antonio Hidalgo He acknowledged his mistake in the press conference after the Leganés game. The Sabadell coach had no qualms about admitting that he hadn’t gotten the line right. He rectified on the fly and before the break gave entry to Victor Garcia and Antonio Romero in place of Aaron King and Grego Sierra.

The Sevillian midfielder had only played six games this season but despite that, he did not clash at all. On the contrary, their entry to the pitch coincided with the best minutes of the Harlequin team and their reaction after the break. Rosemary has continued to work with full involvement despite knowing about the winter market, this was made clear by the technical secretary, who did not count for Antonio Hidalgo.

His good performance and the numerous absences of the team in the wide zone may give him a chance in this final stretch of the season, as has been claimed by a large part of the Sabadell fans.

We will see what the technician of the Center d’Esports Sabadell decides in the face of the transcendental match that the Harlequin team has this Sunday against Cartagena, but apparently in Leganés, the Sevillian Antonio Romero could have earned a place in the eleventh of Antonio Hidalgo.