Antonio de Nigris Guajardo would turn 42 today, who is remembered for being a globetrotter, since he played in Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, in addition to Mexico. It was part of 13 organizations.

The striker debuted a February 6, 2000 with the Rayados de Monterrey, what was shown on the court and his love for the shirt caused him to win the affection of the fans from Monterrey.

And people close to the athlete highlighted his charisma, dear and who cared about helping people.

During his career, Tano, as the player was also known, scored 70 goals, of which 37 were with the Monterrey squad. In Mexico he was part of the Monterrey squad (1999-2002), America (2002), Puebla (2004-2005), Pumas (2005).

It should be noted that it was one of the main motivations for La Gang to conquer the title at the Apertura 2009, The entire team dedicated that triumph to him.

Aldo, Antonio’s brother, declared for Milenio: “I think he was there and helped me to achieve that championship, because we know that the team of his loves Striped ”.

While, Jorge Urdiales, who was president of the Monterrey, referred to Antonio as a benchmark of the institution.

Among the players who remembered the birthday of the footballer from Monterrey was the former player Bruno Marioni, who shared on his social networks a photo of both in the uniform of the Pumas (Apertura 2005) and accompanied him with the following message: “Dear Toño … a big hug to where you are. You were an excellent companion and your joy was infecting us day by day

Last November 15 was a decade since the player died as a result of cardiac arrest, at age 31, in Larissa, Greece. Although he knew he had a genetic malformation, a situation that in his visit to Ankaraspor and Ankaragücü, in Turkey, emphasized the risks, upon learning of the situation, the federation of that nation prohibited him from continuing to play.

Which was not an impediment for him to continue in football, his adventure continued in Greece with Athlitiki Enosi Larissas, where he played eight games.

One of the goals of the Monterrey footballer, in 2009, to be taken into account to be part of the Mexican National Team and play in the 2010 World Cup.

At that time, he declared: “I will continue fighting, working so that I am taken into account. I don’t feel at a disadvantage with the other players, because I know that when the goals start to drop, being active and with the game I have at Larisa that opportunity will come. ”

After 10 years of the player’s death, Aldo told Milenio last November that he always remembers him, “cWhen I need advice from the person who guided me, who showed me the way to where I am in this right now […] He left my rod very high, but I always try to make him proud. ”

He described that he saw his brother as a hero, nothing ever happened to him.