Antonio David did not take his son to the hospital after three days with a broken arm, according to Rocío Carrasco: "Let your mother take you"

This Wednesday, Telecinco issued the sixth chapter of Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. The documentary, which is shaking up the television panorama of the last 20 years and also creating a great impact on the visibility of sexist violence, dealt with a subject as hard as the first consequences of the situation in the couple’s children.

At first, Carrasco could not contain the emotion when reading the psychological profiles that Rocío Flores was made when she was only five years old: the report portrayed her as a generous, affectionate girl, who went out of her way for her little brother attending to his special needs . About his mother, he said he was he identified with her and felt chosen and loved by her.

Later, a new analysis revealed that the girl was developing concentration and anxiety problems, in addition to fear of losing his mother. Here, Rocío Carrasco said that “the seed of evil” was beginning. Later, he gave a very illustrative example of the manipulation that he assures that the children lived, assuring that they “had grown up with the same version as the whole world.”

As he said, during a year in which the little ones lived with Carrasco and his partner and spent alternate weekends with Antonio David, Rocío Flores began to develop night terrors. In fact, he said that the girl used to wake up in the middle of the night, go out into the hall and, between screams and tears, call her mother.

The explanation for this was devastating, and is that the little girl told her that Antonio David had said that, when she and her brother slept, Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac left home, leaving them alone.

This was a turning point for Carrasco, who wept bitterly and predicted that the Civil Guard would end up taking his children from him, just as it happened: “It has been fulfilled, It has taken away my children, the most important thing that I have had in my life. It has made them hate me and have that image of me, which is much more cruel, making them participate in things that they do not have to participate in. “

But the most shocking of the testimony had not yet arrived and is that Rocío Carrasco said that, on one occasion, the children arrived from one of those alternate weekends two and a half hours afternoon without notice, and with the smallest of them physically damaged.

As he recounted, he saw that the boy had a large lump on his arm and that, when he felt it to see what was happening to him, he emitted a scream of pain and was even paralyzed. Later, he showed it to Fidel Albiac, who anticipated what a doctor in the emergency room would confirm: the boy had a broken arm.

His sister, Rocío Flores, said that Antonio David had not gone with the child to the hospital, but that he had preferred that his mother take him to when they got home. As if that were not enough, the little girl said that the injury had occurred when the child fell from a bunk … on Friday, that is, almost three days before returning to his mother, which was when they took him to the hospital .

At that moment, Rocío remembered that the fracture was so brutal that the doctor herself gave her a distrustful look while asking her how the child had done it to her. After, Carrasco went to file a complaint for negligence in custody duties and subsequently withdrew it because, once again, “he did not want to do anything that was against the father of the children.”