The former recipient of Steelers and Patriots, Antonio Brown, added a new criminal accusation, after being accused of three crimes in the state of Florida, one of them aggravated assault against a driver and that resulted in the arrest of the former star receiver earlier this year.

Brown turned himself in on January 23 after a delivery truck driver alleged that the former player and his coach assaulted him outside Brown’s home in South Florida two days earlier. The driver was trying to deliver Brown’s household items from California, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint was issued in Broward County and obtained by the ESPN network.

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The charges indicate that the Central Michigan graduate intentionally hit the truck driver’s property causing damage of up to $ 200.

The charges would not be enough for the player to step into jail as long as he negotiates a plea agreement with the victim and repairs the damage.

However, the incidents are enough for the NFL to add another chapter to Brown’s record of indiscipline, who also has charges of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and a charge of rape, which was denounced by his former personal trainer, Britney. Taylor.

Taylor’s accusations were enough for the Patriots to end their fleeting contractual relationship, which was already preceded by an act of indiscipline with the Oakland Raiders, whom he forced to terminate his million dollar contract for disputes with General Manager Mike Mayock and for refuse to use a safer and more modern case.

Before signing with Oakland, Brown also forced his departure from the Steelers by openly criticizing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and doing the same with Juju Smith-Schuester, who was already stripping him of some spotlights.

So far, neither the NFL nor the US courts have issued a resolution on Brown’s rape allegations.