Antonio Banderas begins filming his new thriller in Greece

The renowned Spanish actor is now ready to show off in his new role as a former criminal for the movie “The Enforcer.”

Antonio Banderas has started filming his next gangster movie in Thessaloniki, a beautiful city in northern Greece that will look transformed in Miami, thanks to a production that amounts to almost $ 24 million.

This week, we were able to see the Hollywood star born in Malaga filming a night scene in the middle of the street, dressed in a gray suit, unbuttoned white shirt, and black patent leather shoes.

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The 60-year-old actor he looked much younger than his age, to be characterized with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache and his hair shaved on both sides.

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With almost 40 years of experience, the actor, producer, director and businessman, apparently, could not help but discuss in depth the shot they were making, while chatting with members of the team next to the protagonist’s classic car, a black Plymouth Barracuda in perfect condition.

“The Enforcer”, the film that at first was called “Barracuda”, is about an ex-criminal, Banderas, who has to sacrifice everything to save a young woman from the criminal organization for whom he has spent his life working and who now dedicates himself to cyber sex trafficking.

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The film, directed by Richard Hughes, also stars Kate bosworth, as the former head of Banderas; and features the rapper’s film debut 2 Chainz, like a crime boss. In addition, they recently confirmed as part of the cast to Aria wet, Zolee griggs, Alexis Ren Y Aaron Cohen.

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