Antonetti regrets his clash with Cardinale

Frédéric Antonetti admits to having gone too far in the L1 match between Metz and Nice.

Yoan Cardinale, the replacement keeper of the Gym, claiming a penalty for the Aiglons during the match of the 19th day of L1 between Metz and Nice, it did not take more to see Frédéric Antonetti out of his hinges. With rare vehemence.

“Explain to me what you saw from there. Shut up ! You bogus you are! You can! Oh ! He saw it all from there, damn, it kills me teams like that, says the technician from Lorraine, spent on the Riviera bench in his coaching career. What did you see yourself? Go to the south kop you, instead of playing. Go to the south kop, this is your place. You bell. You are the laughing stock of France! Go buy yourself a brain. Are you talking to me? I’m not going to stoop to that! “

“I was too hard”

An epidermal reaction deemed “unworthy” by the OGCN after the fact. The club of Yoan Cardinale having moreover condemned in a press release the “insulting vociferations” of the Moselle strategist. The latter, aware of having somewhat overreacted, made amends this Thursday in the pages of Nice-Matin. “What happened in Saint-Symphorien sometimes happens in the stadiums. It’s an altercation. When you’re a replacement, you don’t behave like a supporter. We don’t scream like he did. Afterwards, yes, I went too far. Yes, I was too hard. If I shocked Yoan Cardinale, I regret it. I have regrets. It is obvious… “