Antonela Roccuzzo dazzles with a posing in a sports bra that is on the way to a million ‘likes’

«Homework done, work out», is the phrase that Antonela Roccuzzo has written along with his last pose, with which he has once again dazzled on Instagram. Leo Messi’s wife appears simply with a sports bra and a towel after performing his training session of the day, a simple photograph with which he has fallen in love with social networks and that approaches a million ‘likes’ in just a few hours.

Argentina has been publishing content of this type for a long time, training at home, doing ‘spinning’, practicing boxing … At 32 years old, Antonela Roccuzzo can boast of a spectacular figure Thanks in large part to all the sport he does and also to the diet. In addition, he has had three children and has always recovered wonderfully to show off his body again on Instagram and thus delight his more than 13 million followers.

With this last pose, he has dazzled many of his ‘followers’ and some of them have thrown him various compliments in the publication itself. “Leo is a very lucky man”, answered a fan, “beautiful”, another said, or “you are the perfect woman” one of his millions of followers wrote to him.

A Antonela roccuzzo that in recent months it has been showing less active than normal on Instagram in regard to poses of this type, perhaps because of everything that happened around the figure of Leo Messi and his turbulent summer, in which he asked to leave Barcelona but did not end up succeeding. Now, Argentina awaits her husband’s decision to find out where they will live from next summer, if they continue in Barcelona and change of scene with their children.

“I hope my children are good people, kind, responsible and, of course, happy. I miss being able to be with my family and friends. After such situations, we realize that the simplest things are the most valuable. This is exactly what I long for, that is, to have coffee with my friends, take my children from school and visit my family ”, said Antonela Roccuzzo in an interview recently.