Antón, self-taught pianist, wins the Golden Pass for Risto and Dani in ‘Got Talent’: “You have done magic”

On Friday, February 19, the sixth edition of ‘Got Talent Spain’ issued its sixth round of auditions, in which the judges welcomed Antón, a 12-year-old whose talent with the piano ended up conquering them. Such was the impression he made on the jury, that Risto Mejide did not take long to propose to Dani Martínez that both will grant you your Golden Pass, something that ended up coming true.

Antón receives the Golden Pass in ‘Got Talent’ after dazzling with his talent for the piano

« It is the first time that I face such a large audience and I am excited, » confessed the contestant, whom his mother urged him to be « calm, without nerves », before going on stage. Once there, he confessed to the judges that « my greatest dream is to be a great pianist », so that later Antón’s story about his passion for the piano would be shown. « I started playing the piano four years ago, when my mother found a keyboard in a container, » stated the contestant. « This is destiny », bet her mother, excited. « Four years ago I did not expect to be here. I used the piano as a toy and now I practice it in a self-taught way », confessed Antón, to later recognize that « I do not consider myself a genius child », despite having learned on his own, thanks to YouTube videos.

« The best thing I feel when playing the piano is the ability to modulate feelings and transmit it to others. It changes you emotionally and mentally », said the contestant, after which he admitted that « I would love » to get a Golden Pass, although he would limit himself to « do my best and what happens, will happen. » A few words that the young man dedicated before going on stage, where he demonstrated agility and virtuosity with the piano that left Risto especially disconcerted. In fact, the man from Barcelona shared that he had been playing this instrument for thirty years and claimed to be unable to reach the level that Antón had shown after four years of self-taught practice, without the help of any teacher.

« There is a word to define you: perfection »

« It seems that we have paid a ticket in the Real. It is ashamed to value. Spectacular », praised Dani, after which Edurne described the performance as « brutal » and stressed that « there is work, effort and talent ». « You said that your dream was to be a great pianist. I tell you that, playing like this, you will reach it very soon, » said Mejide, amazed. « You have done magic right now. You have a bearing, some forms … everything has a word to define you: perfection », the jury concluded, after which his two companions gave each other yes to Antón.

« What you have just done is disrespectful, » Risto said at the time, before proposing to Martínez that they grant the child his Golden Pass, awakening a smile of emotion in Antón, who hugged his excited parents. « In these four years, this had never felt. I have felt more alive than ever. And I will feel more alive when I enter the semifinal « , bet the contestant, after which he expressed his wish that, in case of winning the edition, he would give the money « to my parents so they can buy me a piano. »