Antifa-Related Twitter Accounts Suspended After Opening Day Riots

Several Antifa Twitter accounts were suspended as a result of riots sustained by the far-left anarcho-communist group on the day of the inauguration.

The sum of all the accounts would add up to 70,000 followers. Some of the first accounts were started in 2012.

One of the most prominent accounts to be suspended was « The Base. »

Another of the group’s accounts complained about the suspensions.

« Our comrades at The Base (@TheBasebk), a 9-year-old anarchist social hub in Brooklyn, NY, now got serious about this Twitter thing, » wrote Antifa Sacramento. “By reaching a platform of 17,000 followers, they pushed a very specific line where politics never faded. Today, Twitter deleted his account and now there is a gap.

Freelance journalist Andy Ngô was the first to report on the suspensions.

« The Base » is a radical bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, where it systematically indoctrinates people.

Antifa activists, who have fiercely opposed President Donald Trump and conservatives in recent years and been praised by some Democrats, vandalized buildings and clashed with police on January 20 in opposition to the president’s inauguration. Joe Biden.

Some of them carried signs that read « We are ungovernable. »

Members of Antifa also broke windows and the glass door at the Oregon Democratic Party business office, spray-painting an anarchist symbol on the party’s sign, a video posted on social media showed. Some of them overturned garbage containers and set them on fire, according to reports.

“We don’t want Biden. We want revenge for police killings, imperialist wars and fascist massacres, ”read a banner that marched low, while others carried a banner that read“ We are not governable, ”which was dotted with symbols of anarchy.

Portland police confronted a crowd that gathered outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement building near the center of town, with some in the crowd burning an American flag on the street.

In Seattle, Antifa activists entered the iconic Pike Place Market to vandalize the property, with video of the scene showing broken windows at a Starbucks. A group of black-clad rioters marched down the street, kicking trash cans, carrying a tattered American flag with the spray-painted anarchy sign.

Several windows were smashed at the William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse in Seattle, Washington on January 20, 2021 (Seattle Police Department).

Tom Ozimek contributed to this report.