Anticovid vaccine is not an immediate solution: Miguel Barbosa

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Puebla / 19.02.2021 11:34:33

The vaccine is not the solution to « immediate or medium term » to defeat the covid-19, declared the governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa Huerta.

At a press conference, the president called on Puebla society to renew its will to take care of itself and comply with the virus containment measures, such as the use of face masks, hand hygiene and maintaining a healthy distance in public places, among others.

« Let’s renew our will to take care of society, the vaccine is not the solution in the immediate or medium term, it is not, it does not reach the inoculation of people so that the number of infections through vaccines is reduced, ( the solution) is social behavior. « 

He stated that those who have already been vaccinated are still at risk of getting infectedSince it is still unknown for how long the doses « are going to provoke defenses to the vaccinated and maybe we are not even halfway through the national vaccination and the time has come for the revaccination of those who have already been vaccinated. »

Barbosa recognized that citizens has not responded positively to the decrees more recent to contain the pandemic, because apparently people believe that the health contingency will be resolved with the application of vaccines and no longer take care of it.

« There has not been an adequate response from society, we are thinking that the issue of covid is only going to be resolved with the vaccine and everyone is already taking little care, I very much regret that social behavior.

Added that next Monday, February 22, your government will issue a new anticovid decree « which may contain similar measures but will have new measures » to cause a decrease in the number of infections, since in the last week this figure ranged from 200 to 360 cases per day.

According to the State Secretariat of Health (SSA) as of February 19, Puebla accumulates 67,816 positive cases and 8,952 deaths from the coronavirus, with a fatality rate of 13.2 percent; however, in the last day 357 infections and 28 deaths were added.